ISO 9001, 13485 and 14001 Training

Portland Oregon ISO 9000-9001, 13485 and 14000-14001 Training Company & Consultant

IQA has provided internal and RAB-QSA lead auditor trainings ever since these standards were released.

Most IQA trainings are delivered in-house; occasionally we schedule a public training class. Contact us if you want to be on our list. Our trainers have at least 10+ years experience in the field.

3-Day IQA Internal Auditor Training — $950 pp

In spite of novel ways of learning, this is an old-fashioned, hands-on class room training. This is a highly intensive training with a lot of interaction between the students and the instructor. This training is given as a workshop, with emphasis (6 hours) on understanding the standard in a common sense, non-bureaucratic way, followed by learning proven methods to analyze any process in a structured way.

On the second day, students learn how to effectively prepare for, conduct, and report a live audit at a host company. There is no simulation or role-play here. Students learn from their mistakes and the instructor acts as their safety net.

On the third day, students compile the audit report and present their findings to the host company’s management. They have to deal with pushback regarding incorrect or improperly worded findings, just like in real life.

5-Day / 36-Hour RAB-QSA Lead Auditor Training — $1700 pp

IQA teams up with nationwide providers to bring these trainings to the Pacific Northwest. Contact us to be put on our waiting list. We will organize the training when we have the required attendance for these trainings.

Note: the internal auditor training and the lead auditor training are very different in nature. The lead auditor training focuses on what you need to know to become a lead auditor, and assumes that students know the standard. If in doubt, which one is best for you, contact us.

For more information email or call us today at (503) 522-9456.


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