Peter Kloosterman Bio

Peter Kloosterman was born and raised in the Netherlands and graduated with an MSEE from Delft University of Technology in 1980.

Worked as a systems programmer and later on as the Technical Support manager of Philips Semi-Conductors in the Netherlands (Nijmegen). Recognized the importance of quality from  the IT customers’ point of view: unplanned downtime is unacceptable and a 5 minute reboot can set the factory hours and thousands of dollars back. Changes to the IT environment shall be planned and controlled, and applications and services shall be transparent to the end user.

Joined KEMA (now DEKRA), a leading Dutch Registrar and Notified Body in early 1990 and quickly became a  lead auditor for high tech industries. Also active as certification manager, heavily involved in bringing the polish subsidiary up to speed, and trained in the MDD directive by one of the most experienced man around at the time.

Relocated to the US in 1998 and after a brief stint with PFS joined IQA as a Sr. Consultant in 2000. Took over the company in 2007 from its remaining founder.

His approach to ISO management standards is that they are common-sense and non-bureaucratic. Any bureaucracy in a QMS or EMS is created by the company, not by the standard! Peter is for good reason a long time advocate of requiring management experience from external auditors. He does not subscribe to the common notion that more product or process documentation leads to improvement, and he is keenly aware that many quality and environmental management systems (certified or not) add no value nor reduce a risk (for non-believers: check the FDA recall site).

As the principal of IQA his philosophy is simple: 1. do the right things right (question as needed everything), 2. get the best (wo)man for the job, 3. keep the cost low, 4. Repeat.

Peter and IQA provides auditing, consulting, training and interim management services for:

For more information email, or call 503 522 9456.

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