About IQA

IQA is a common-sense, non bureaucratic ISO 9001/13485/14001 and NFPA 1999 consulting, internal auditing and training company. We have been around since 1992.

We observe that in organizations that function reasonably well, the quantity and quality of management system documentation has little impact on quality performance. Rationale: Most people perform their tasks well, few reference written documentation during work. Our conclusion: System is used to satisfy customers and auditors alike. Instead of an asset, it is a costly liability: Mistakes and inefficiencies are repeated indefinitely as an analysis of RMA and customer complaints processes usually shows. The cost of the hidden factory in these organizations runs anywhere between 10 and 20 percent of total revenue.

Hence, instead of focusing on documentation, IQA addresses effectiveness and efficiency, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line. Since 2010 we use state of the art, off the shelf, low cost tools such as ISOXPRESS ® Quality and Environmental Management System software and TASKMAP ® process mapping software to provide management with real time access to complaints, CARs, NCRs and product and process documentation.

At the start of the project, before procedures are written, IQA introduces ISOXPRESS ® software to the client to electronically manage customer complaints, nonconforming products, and corrective and preventive actions and to ensure that customer complaints result in NCR’s and CARs as needed.

The client is heavily involved from day # 1 in addressing CARs, NCRs and customer complaints. The quality team is responsible for: Data analysis, $ Impact (internal and external), Root Cause Analysis, and to propose, implement and verify corrective and preventive actions. As needed TASKMAP ® software is used to visualize a process. IQA guides the process and is known as a tough grader. For example, we don’t accept “lack of operator training” as a root cause of a problem lightly.

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